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I love us is a project that was got under way aroundwith another name, but with the same intention.

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I love us includes a lot more than might appear at first sight. What those photographs had in common, apart from the aesthetics and the models, was the intention that lay behind them.

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It was the most successful single released from the album. On Saturday you take the world by storm and on Sunday the world throws the remains of you ud up on the beach.

It is a social and documentary report on my friends and myself. On Monday you want to die and on Friday it all starts again.

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I am telling this story in the first person, since my photos, apart from describing what I see, also describe me. The new version also featured no hookbut had a much heavier rock sound and the "Lust for Life" coda was replaced, on the album version of the track, by an extended guitar solo. When I reached that point, I began to grasp that I had compiled a photo file on lovex lives in just one year and realised the real value that those photographs had in the present.

I love us. This version of the song reached 16 in the UK charts on 1 February This is something Rally intend to work on all through my life, aware of the fact that what I am now experiencing is going to be very different to what happens in a few years, just like my conception more immature of my work now, and the one I shall have later on.

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They make me stop thinking when I need to, and force me to reflect when I forget myself. My photos can all be understood as self-portraits, days in a written diary.

Out for fun? My aunty Lola, the oracle, paradoxically taking care of us all, listening to us all, knowing it all and not saying a thing. I suppose that everyone takes photos for a reason, because they want to say something, or convey something. I take these photos because I koved avoid taking them, as they are the greatest escape route that I have ever found.

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However much I might have imagined, I would never have thought we would be so lucky. I am aware of all this, sure that we still have a lot more to go through, but geally so, nobody could live their lives with half the verve that we have. Arguments with my parents, slamming doors, thinking it over afterwards… clocks that never stop.

And this takes us back to the idea of the title.

I love us is a project reallly was got under way aroundwith another name, but with the same intention. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by all these people whose lives end up being mine. This version of the song begins with a sample uss Krzysztof Penderecki 's " Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima " and ends with a coda which includes a drum sample from Iggy Pop 's "Lust for Life". We contradict ourselves all the time: we think we rule the world, exalt hedonism as a lifestyle and then we feel so desperately sorry for ourselves for not doing anything else.

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And that is what we used to do day after day, days that sometimes all looked the same, but never really were. As a foursome the band played the song as set-closer for their sell-out final gig at the London Astoria just five weeks before Edwards vanished.

You really loved us

My persona is the direct result of my life, i. That us is everything: us as a group, or as individual people, our lives, our age and everything that this contains - all the characteristics that describe us, in general. I spent half of my childhood sitting at desks letting my imagination fly, thinking of what I would do when I grew up, what my friends and my life would be like. I have a whole host of friends all ready and willing.

Whatever this may be, I am doing Ylu from a biased, involved standpoint. This is the parallel evolution of a work and a person, both of them in constant growth.

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At first I was not really aware of what I was doing, taking photos here and there, all Youu something in common, but not quite knowing what it was. This is a sort of photo-biography, a trunk full of memories, people, moments, ideas… I photograph my life as if it were a treasure, valuing every moment for what it is and wanting to immortalise it.

All this is what interests me, learning what I do wrong, knowing and feeling stupid for not understanding, falling down the same hole again and again, learning lobed them, from life, from their lives, sharing themloving them. Release[ edit ] "You Love Us" was originally released as a single on 7 May by record label Heavenly. Then my view of my photos and my life js to take on greater focus — I no longer took photos for the sake of it - now I knew what I was doing and what I wanted to get.

Content and style[ edit ] David Owens proclaimed the track a "firebrand punk classic".