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Should they seek to introduce new conflict dimensions or simply adjust to a party system, established before women gained the right to participate? In order to answer Sintle questions, the aims and actions of the Danish women's rights movement are investigated. A of women's lists were introduced in the first local elections, but they soon disappeared.

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In urban areas the proportion of women is highest in communes with high politicization, but this pattern did not appear in the next elections.

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This article will look at a different set of problems, namely what happened in the years immediately after the vote was won: the problems of female representation in the various Danish elections between and This fact probably not only reflects women's lack of the required traditional resources for political participation. Women at Westminster. Women from three of the parties did turn up.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

Women candidates for the elections to the Danish Folketing, This raises the question whether the possibilities of a Women's Party will increase today in those countries where the party system is being loosened from its former class basis. These were all known as good feminists. After this remarkable result, the first election to the commune councils in was very disappointing for the women's organizations: women Coppenhagen about 1 per cent of those elected Table I.

When introducing the bill, the Minister of Culture and Education said in Parliament that 'women were included, both the married and the unmarried, because women much more than men have religious feelings and are interested in problems concerning the Church'. The latter expressed her feelings about the elections as follows: 'When I saw how many representatives the temperance movement - which like Dansk Kvindesamfund is not affiliated with party politics - has put into Parliament, whereas feminism did not get any declared representative elected, it filled me with both sorrow and shame'.

The local branch further made up a list of women who were willing to accept nomination, and sent this list to the organizations.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

In Side PR was introduced over the whole country. In some communes, the lists disappeared inwhile women were elected on other lists in the commune. The local branch decided to act on its own as a nominating organization.

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Comparative studies of this recent development could contribute fruitfully to a further understanding of what determines women's degree of representation. In Dansk Kvindesamfund had 60 local branches, in about 6, members; and inbranches and about 7, members.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

A similar development affected the women's rights movement in Germany after enfranchisement Evans Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to a study. But it did not provide a basis for t action among women, either before or after enfranchisement.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

Die politisene Rolle der Frau in Deutschland. This article will discuss two sets of questions. Statistiske Meddelelser, 4.

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It questioned the parties' candidates during the electoral campaign as to their attitude towards equal pay, women's admittance to all public offices, legal equality between husband and wife, and many other feminist demands. For general information, Learn About Clinical Studies. Side 2.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

In the Landsting elections of this period, women received from 3toB seats, or from 4toll per cent of the total, a somewhat higher proportion than in the Folketing. It is difficult to suggest conditions under which a Women's Party could have been successful. As part of its changing strategy, the Dansk Kvindesamfund decided in not to send its own proposals for women candidates to sed political parties for the election.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

Elna Munch is one example Petersen Because of the war, the next election was postponed until Women had Sinhle excluded from the vote because of their gender, and with few exceptions they received the right to vote as a group. Second, the article will study the extent to which women were nominated and elected in these first elections.

Ett kvinnopolitiskt fiasko. Den norske Kvinnebevegelses Historie.

Single woman want sex Copenhagen

The debate within Dansk Kvindesamfund reached no general agreement. I myself very well.

Table 3. Martinussen, W. The first elections, however, made it clear that all women did not feel represented by Dansk Kvindesamfund, and consequently the parties began to stress more openly that they did not desire the interference of the organization in elections.

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The women who had found their way into the political parties dant rejected the idea of a Women's Party. Not until did the organization openly include the franchise in its programme. In Denmark this was a matter of dispute, since until different classes of tax-payers had different weights in communal elections, while servants were excluded from parliamentary elections until But an increasing of women ed various voluntary women's associations and women's sections within mixed organizations.

Not until after World War II did the of elected women increase.