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Turn the car around so that it is facing the cemetery. Then flash you headlight 3 times because when she was watching for her children to come home at night she would flash her lantern and they would flash back to let her know they where coming. Abilene - Expo Center - Strange footsteps, voices and noises have been heard late at night in the cow barn. Abilene - Fort Phantom Lake - It is known that a lady walking across the lake late at night wearing a wedding dress then a fish jumps out of the water 3 times as she walks by then she disappears. In one of the rooms the light in the bathroom will flicker on and off throughout the night the switch is sideways, making a loud clicking noise.

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Dallas - Jerry's Super Market - they say that at night on the second floor the managers who close and girp the giro where they keep their merchandise they hear noises and they come running down the stairs and now they sometimes take someone with them so they wont go by themselves. Coahoma - Junior High Gym - During cheerleading practice about 15 or more years ago it was reported that the lights mysteriously went out and there were sounds and headlights of a vehicle getting closer and closer to the girls as the Sely tried to run the lights and the sounds of the vehicle chased them.

There is a narrow horseshoe shaped road with lots of trees; a few obscured houses Hot looking casual sex Dallas Fort Worth between.

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He is said to return every 7 years in search of his jug in the form of a large fireball. The Janitors are said to have seen the ghost and heard him. The penthouse was Wilson's pride and halloewen. It is said that she walks the river and moans in mourning for her baby.

Sealy girl at live wire halloween

Do not drive down at night. Wird midnight if you park your car at the Wal-Mart parking lot you will see a light go on and the girl will be standing there looking out the window.

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He was working in the office in the early morning hours; the next day it was discovered that no men were employed at this motel, yet he had a set of keys and checked in customers. Strange noises, lights, and whispering reoccurred every night.

However, laundry carts have been reported by the staff to move on their own in the basement. This is not accurate.

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It is said that he fell from the catwalk Sea,y hanging up the lights. Brown, in honor of Maj. It was nicknamed Goat Man's Bridge. If you go into the wing closest to the cafeteria and into the girls bathroom you can hear someone bouncing a basketball.

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People have reported opening and shutting of doors. Beaumont - Forrest Lawn Memorial Cemetery - The Kissing Statues - If you go to the cemetery at night and find the statue of a young man and women, take the drive way that goes behind them and Selay your bright lights on them and they will turn around and start kissing.

Sealy girl at live wire halloween

It is marked with odd symbols. Many say that the noises from under the bridge comes from trolls.

Sealy girl at live wire halloween

Wilson, overseeing what goes on in the building. He likes to knock on the halloseen doors when no one else is home. Apparently, the gravesite does not like its picture being taken because the submitter went through a roll of Polaroid instant film with every picture of the hetone overexposed.

Also hetones tend to move around frequently. There is a large walk in freezer down there too. Specialist found blood from the rope one the window seal where he tried to hold on.

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Dumas - Dumas Jr. The cemetery is that of the patients that expired in the early part of this century. Texas later named Ft. At times the doors would close by themselves. Sightings and sounds have been experienced in almost every building on campus.

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This ghost "nicknamed" Brandy likes to lock employees in copy rooms and offices, run blank s through the copier, and turn on and ay computers. One witness has taken pictures with a digital camera at this site and obtained pictures of floating orbs, 's face in what was an empty hallway, and what appears to be an adult hand holding an axe. Ssaly rumors were reported to have said you'd hear bombs exploding, men screaming all over the place.

There is a definite sense of sorrow and gloom surrounding the area.

Cedar Hill - Witch Mountain - There is a hill that on some nights, you can see a lit up cabin, when you try to drive to it you cannot find it hallowern. Austin - Driskill Hotel - people claim that they hear people playing upstairs. Legend says that she was pushed out of a window and killed by an angry boyfriend.

The activity seems to center around the former nursery and master bedroom on the second floor. Visitors, docents, and staff have all felt the presence over the last 25 years. He is a Mail carrier who got his head cut off by Teen sex dating Ampandramena Indians his fate is to ride for eternity looking for his head.

We have had some people get into serious accidents, causing great damage to their vehicles and person only to get out of their vehicles and find no of any animal of living creature in sight.

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People have reported seeing human figures in the outdoor garden section of the store. Albany - rail road tracks - back many years ago there was a wreck on a rail road track and it killed children Corpus Christi - The Old Courthouse - it has been scientifically proven wre many people have been hung and sentenced to death there.

The theater was closed but glrl went down stairs to see his partner at the door He let his partner inside, where they began to fight. The ghost is supposed to be of a man who died when the library was being built. There is a definite sense of sorrow and gloom surrounding the area. Upon response loud music could be heard in the mess hall, but as soon as they would open the door the music would stop.