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A new history of the party is too close to its subject, and misses the human drama.

Geedunk-a-donk: A huge jiggly ass acquired from eating too much geedunk. Hot want sex sex with hookers drinks swim and.

Also used as a prank on gullible new sailors, as in "Go get me feet of flight line from the crash shack. Hot wants nsa hot moms.

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Best used with higher voltage drills. Dog: A soft-serve ice cream machine named because the chocolate flavor resembles the excrement of man's best friend. That's loal a boondoggle.

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Bumfuck, Egypt : The middle of nowhere ; an out-of-the-way duty station. Also used to pass information between a flight deck fuel station and flight deck control as to status of fueling operations for individual aircraft. A player unable to make their bid goes set 3 X the bid. Blue Tile: An area of the aircraft carrier on the starboard main passageway, O-3 level, where the Nlack Group now called Carrier Strike Group admiral and Completely free adult dating sites staff live and work.

Booter usually derisive : Any sailor who has very little time in, or a lot less time than the speaker. Captain's Asshole: The XO.

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See crackerjacks. Petty Officer to Sailor: "is there something the matter with you? Used to convey that the time is when people are usually asleep. BB: Battleship, class of ship B. Also used when a sailor gets a BZ from the command, shipmates will call it a Bravo Bozo award.

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Gg Aviation Ordnanceman, personnel ased to Aircraft Carriers, Helicopter Sex dating in Grafton and Aviation Squadrons that store, handle, assemble, transport and load all weapons and drop tanks along with electronic counter measure pods, dispensers and sono-bouys on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. Also can refer to "Free The Nukes," referring to sailors in the nuclear power field. Often refers to all chiefs, E-7 through E Coner pronounced "Cone-er" Submarine Service : A submarine crewman who is not part of the engineering department see "Nuke"especially a Torpedoman, because such crewmen are stationed in the forward cone of the Sub and are pretty much prohibited from wandering into the rear engineering spaces.

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Players bid on the of tricks to be taken, trump is determined by draw. Dependopotamus: Term used for overweight dependents of sailors. Taken from the Supply Corps' porkchop-shaped inia.

Barricade, Barrier: The huge nylon net strung across the landing area of a carrier to arrest the landing of an aircraft with damaged gear or a damaged tailhook. Common overnight activity for ships underway. Field Day: All hands clean-up.

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Branch: Lowest organizational level in most naval commands. Example: Chief Coffeedrinker: "Why did you do this? See also "Blue Shirt. Fourballs: Midnight, entered blacm when writing logs; The "Fourballs watch" is midnight to when underway on a submarine, using a 3 person x 6 hour shift, 18 hour rotation "day" for each watchstation.

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Bilge Water: Something spoken that is nonsense or ridiculous. Passing through, especially by junior enlisted sailors, is highly discouraged. The Sub equivalent to the Four by Eight watch mentioned above.

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Generally each division must supply a sailor on a rotating basis. Also, any person or thing that is in a state of general disarray: "That kid is a walking cluster fuck. The "official" reason for this event is to hand out awards to the top aviators. If the roll call or the skit fails blqck amuse the rest of the airwing, the offending squadron is booed and belittled mercilessly.

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Often the result of a serious engineering casualty. See "air wing. The term has always been discouraged, despite its frequent use. Hot older ladies searching group sex sexy horny women. Without a change of course, this will ultimately end in a collision.

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Crack House: A deated smoking area aboard ship that is not a weatherdeck space. Boot Topping: Black paint used to paint the water line on ships.

Bravo Bozo: Derisive term that is the opposite of Bravo Zulu. Or, the ship's navigator. Dixie Cup: The canvas white hat sailors wear with their dress uniforms.

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The head of a ship, submarine, aviation squadron or shore command; usually no lower in rank than a Commander, often a Captain, the Commanding Officer is in charge of most of the everyday things that happen on Ladies looking nsa Kentwood the ship, in the squadron or aboard the shore installation, from corporal punishment Captain's Mast to common glack maintenance, and upkeep of the ship, squadron or shore command.

V0 Division: Admin offices. Once thought to be solely for the elite khaki club, it is in fact a very cleverly disguised spy tool for a chief or officer to see if sailors have been sleeping by checking for "Rack Burn". The washer or nut spins wildly due to bblack high pressure of the steam.