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Thanks for the opportunity, and thanks for the invite! I have to admit the biggest challenge in writing this story was not stopping several times to jack off my cock…because it was hard from 1 to the very end!

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It's a little bigger than when I see him in the shower, and he takes hold of the tip.

Do you like daddy dick

He phoned in a prescription dxddy on the way to the pharmacy, my dad explained that I probably had a yeast infection, no big deal and we would just apply an antibiotic for a few days. They're all very young and none are older than I am.

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The back of my knickers are totally visible. My dad doesn't touch me there any more.

Do you like daddy dick

I think of it as mutilation and it should be banned except under special circumstances. Oh, at first I thought it might have been her older brother Nick, but no, I had set little traps for her, putting my porn magazines in certain positions, and seeing them moved later.

I felt that special accomplishment of being a husband, father, and now, granddad — which I still found hard to believe! I jump off him, spin around and take his cock in my dicl, licking all the cum off it.

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I do want to get carried away. Llke no lock on it. I stayed still. It's like I'm betraying him. Then I can feel his tongue pushing at me and I cup my hands across his bulge and give it a squeeze.

Do you like daddy dick

My dad laughed. You can just make out what I'm wearing through the thin material.

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My dad comes in. I thought it was naughty, but I liked watching her do it.

Do you like daddy dick

It feels kinda nice, and a warm feeling spre out from my tummy. I think it's "Soon, Baby, soon.

Earlier Rachael had slipped into the house saying she had a headache from the strong sun and daddh going to take a nap, and while her two daughters splashed and played in the pool, my wife Marjorie was engaged in deep conversation with her son-in-law Dave. I stay there until he comes out of the shower.

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Out of breath, I lift myself off his dick and lie back on the bed. We had gym this afternoon.

I'm not paying much attention, I'm more interested in my dad. He lifts my skirt up above my waist and starts spreading the cream on, sick then the bit I love, when his finger goes in as far as he can push it. I put out the light and we lie there talking for a while. He licks and probes ddaddy, pushing his tongue as far in as he can. He looks at me and asks, "Are you alright?

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I could have done all this by myself, but I know he likes to touch me. I can feel it pulsing as he cums, and I can feel a blob of semen trickling down my back. I thought my Dad would be mad about me peeing in my knickers, but he was really cool about it. That's tou between you and me.

I turn and bend over and look between my legs. Eva and Lily! I know about orgasms, but I haven't had one yet, even when you were putting that cream inside me.

Do you like daddy dick

The pie's still in the oven, and it's gonna burn. An explosion of feeling ripples through my whole body, and I start to lift myself up and down. Then he cries, "Ouch, my back!

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When I look in the mirror, I see a thin little girl with no boobs, narrow hips and skinny legs. He puts his hands on my waist and I'm hoping he'll slide his hands down and touch me on my knickers between my legs, but it doesn't happen.

Do you like daddy dick

I take my shoes of first, as usual, so he can get his customary up-skirt view, then my skirt and blouse, then my vest, taking my sweet time, loving how he stares at me. Those boys are all immature idiots, anyway, so I don't care. Her head on a pillow, brown hair cascading around, her face scrunched up in pleasure, and one hand was busy squeezing each breast, pinching and tugging at each engorged nipple, and her other hand…her other hand… Was at her…Vagina?

I told him I'd been taking a short-cut through the cemetery and I couldn't hold it any longer.