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After the holidays, I decided to take a break from alcohol for a month, and the surprised me. If you go on a adn for a couple hours and have a couple drinks, is that a lot? If you meet your friends for drinks after work and have three vodka tonics, from, say, 7 p.

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More like this. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of an aquarium.

First date

Mini golf is a totally under-appreciated first date activity. Find a local food truck festival and try all the ature dishes.

They may see alcohol as a crutch for having fun, but that does not mean you need to. Bowling is an awesome first date. If you go on a date for a couple hours and have a couple drinks, is that a lot?

They may also think they could never take a break from drinking, which is another issue altogether, and more about them, not you. Feel like the only people in the universe at a local planetarium show.

Drink days

I also like to pick an activity I actually, you know, enjoy, because at best, you'll get to share that experience with someone you like, and at worst, well, at least you got do something fun, right? Embrace the stereotype and try and win each other stuffed animals in the games ally of a local carnival or fair. However, the fact that I had so few headaches during my non-drinking month definitely made me reevaluate my theory of alcohol not being their cause. On top of which, they consider high-risk drinking for women to be four or more drinks per day, or eight or more drinks per week.

Find a local game shop or cafe that rents out the games.

Modern dating is making us drink more. that's making us less successful at it.

Hit a few balls at the driving range. I thought so. After all, laugher is a turn-on. Get your heart racing on some roller coasters at a nearby theme park. For me, planning a sober date is all about finding an activity that will keep me distracted enough that I won't get nervous and that will fill any natural lulls in the conversation. Challenge your date to a pool tournament.

It may take a little more imagination, but there are tons of date options that, frankly, are more fun when you're totally sober.

Day drink and date

Wanna make 'em sweat? Actually, I liked the break so much, I extended it through February, and now through March, too.

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Imagine a life without that: amazing. Instead of catching the game at a sports bar, hit the stadium instead — and eat all the hotdogs. Dat your date to your favorite locally-owned coffee shop for a cup of the good stuff.

In addition, I felt more alert all month versus months when drinking had been in the picture. Check out some stand up comedy. Surprising, yes? Never say no to a putt-putt date. Hit up your favorite diner for a late-night slice of srink. But guess what? By Rachel Shatto Dec.

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Again, this depends on how you define it. Play tourist for the day together, either in your hometown or one nearby. Take a fun fitness class together, like aerial yoga or aqua Zumba.

Well, in that case, it's time to think outside the box or the bar? Find out what kind of team you'll make by hitting up a local trivia night.

Savour summer

It may be old-fashioned, but instead of splitting a pitcher of beer, split a sundae. And if you do these types of social events a few nights a week — a date, drinks with friends, dirnk party — and drink alcohol each time, all those drinks may definitely add up to a lot. Plan a romantic picnic in the park, a rooftop, or, depending on the weather, in your living room. Perhaps the lack of headaches had something to do with this also, Uk black women xxx having more energy overall was definitely a big plus of life without alcohol.

Plus, without alcohol, each of us were percent present. Play with all the puppies and kittens together by volunteering at a pet shelter.

So an immediate benefit of not drinking might be feeling more rested and getting better sleep at night. Take a romantic walk through the local zoo. Just be sure there are non-alcoholic options if the club has a two-drink minimum. If you're the outdoorsy type, head out for a hike at a state park and take in the scene. Explore a strange, unusual, or quirky museum together.

Day drink and date

Grab some blankets and head somewhere nearby with a great view for a romantic, sunset, BYOHC bring your own hot chocolate date. If you meet your friends for drinks after work and have three vodka tonics, from, say, 7 p.

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But, like Dr. Head to a local venue to catch a live band. Chill out together at a artsy-looking coffee shop.

By eliminating alcohol, I felt less anxious about things that had given me anxiety in the past. Challenge your date to a dance off on "Dance Dance Revolution" at the arcade. Of course, to each their own — you may stop drinking alcohol and not have the same positive effects I did.