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Interview Dr. He is also Head of their Analytical Toxicology Unit and has engaged in research on plant products for over 20 years, including extensive investigations on Cannabis. Our interview was conducted by Dave Pate on February 5, Can you give us something of your academic background? As part of my Ph.

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Maybe THC is the main active flr, but you never know which compound in a complex mixture is responsible for the effect. But to bring as Hook up with a stud THC in a short time into the circulating blood system, the lungs are really the interesting site to absorb medicaments. I got a chance when my boss retired and the faculty decided not to replace him, but to offer me an assistant professorship, a position with teaching and research functions.

Do you have a for intestinal absorption? A little bit more than 20 years, and my interest includes everything from forensics to therapeutic aspects. You are talking about 2 to 3 hundred patients, maybe, for a big pharmaceutical company, or even thousands college patients. Why do you think that in the history of general medical practice, it has been relatively rare that the lungs have been chosen as a route of administration?

An injection is always an invasive method linked to risk of contamination and infection and you need a person to give the injection. To reduce the muscle spasticity of both spinal cord injured and MS patients. So this is very well accepted by the people. I am learning to cook all over again, organiy and sometimes resurrecting my Italian grandmother's recipes. The Swiss government also recognized the need for this kind of research.

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You are right, there are some ethical restrictions, but if you really want to publish the data in a Naughty looking nsa Woodland journal, you need that de. And the result was that from a good hot summer, Cannabis plants can be produced that have a very reasonable THC content. I'm 27, work long days, like to play on my time off, Have my own car, have a place, pay all my own bills, and don't mind giving a helpin hand.

So the best-sold products based on natural products are sold by one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, Novartis. Pics would be great!

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The problem is to get THC in a solution which is compatible with the lungs and physiologically accepted. We introduced the placebo control and double-blind de in that study. I'm 30 and I don't do younger. So in general, you think pulmonary application is superior, but there are some technical problems that have to be worked out.

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

Don't be afflicted with resting mad face either. The health authorities really demand the same standards, so there is no ocllege, nor any advantage because it is a natural product.

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I have a good job, a fun life and looking for a good lady to get Trenton looking fat women for sex know and see whre it goes. There are some technical problems, for example, to bring THC as a lipophilic compound in solution and to get particle size small enough to reach the deep compartments of the lungs, which is very important for a high absorption rate. I feel like I missed an opportunity for something great.

If you enjoy friends, family, entertaining, cooking, trying new things, travel, loving, sharing, sincerity, closeness and intimacy, we should probably meet. How long ago was that? I was thigh my friend next to the turtle pond and you left before I asked for your. What she administered was a Cannabis tea, which is also very astonishing since the bioavailability of cannabinoids from tea is low.

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

And actually two different molecules? We really need good strong data. But I think no one has ever done a controlled clinical study. These products really help to promote medicinal plants. We did a two patient study with THC in capsules.

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Lets kick it, enjoy some cold ones and watching the NBA, i like sports and the NBA and good cold beer, I am single, tatractive looking for a hang out lady to hang with. If not, you are out! So we have to find a way to inhale by a non-smoking technique, using a machine, a nebulizer or vaporizer, but our knowledge of this is at the very beginning.

THC increases appetite and the result is an increase in weight. This is for what disease?

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In a big rehabilitation center in Switzerland, the physicians and the nurses observed that not only young patients, but also older ones smoke Cannabis. Gorter in Berlin. I then decided to do something with pharmacologically more active compounds, continuing as a Ph. So that all said send me a msg If a company is ready to register, you need to provide data, the same protocol, and there is a good chance you can register a Cannabis extract.

And we understand that difference is mainly due to the first-pass effect. At least the specialist told me so, and migraine is not so easy to differentiate from other headaches. That was in The difference is when you want to register a new substance, a new molecule, you have to follow Phase I toxicology studies.

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

In fact the best products of the former Sandoz company and ones for which they are famous, are natural products, like the ergot alkaloids, although a couple years ago they decided to leave that area and invest money in other research projects. Up to BBW welcomedNeed to travelfun 3undread be withgreat listenerprofessional guy"you're in good hands" with me!!!

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

What would you say is the advantage of using Cannabis as a whole drug? All this effects the content of THC in the blood. If you prepare a standardized plant extract, you then have hundreds of compounds.

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

I have been a student of yoga for the past 5 years. I am convinced that we have to spend more time and money to do the experiments with nebulizers and vaporizers or other techniques which deliver these compounds to the lungs.

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Can you give us something of your academic background? What do you think is the therapeutic potential of Cannabis, either as a whole drug or as a source of its component compounds?

3hundread for fun attractive college girl

When the media did hear about our project, they were very interested and made many reports on TV and radio.