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We offer a wide range of used cars that will fit your needs! Whatever the budget, our garage contains the second-hand car corresponding to your wishes. From contemporary modern cars to vintage cars and vintage cars, our selection of used cars is quite rich and varied.

Why buy your used car from Vend Mon Auto?

Buying your used car at Vend Mon Auto has several advantages. On our site via the internal search engine, as directly in our garage, you have all the details and elements necessary to better know your future used a car. Via the Vintage tab, you can find vintage cars or old cars. In addition, at Vend Mon Auto, you have revised cars offering all the necessary guarantees in terms of reliability, comfort and driving pleasure about indoor car cover.

Our seriousness regarding the choice of used cars is uneven. Our experts’ control all of our used vehicles and overhaul them before displaying them. In addition, you have all the necessary elements to know the technical details of your future car such as mileage, interviews, power… Before presenting your new used car, our experts carry out a series of tests and technical controls (engine, brake and cooling fluid, transmission, pneumatic pressure, airbags, steering, exhaust system …).

Because customer satisfaction is our motto, at Vend Mon Auto, you will find the used car that meets all your requirements, both technical and budgetary. In this policy, we adopt the strategy “satisfied or refunded”, in fact, if you are not satisfied with your used car, within 5 days of purchase and in case of not reached 500 km, you can return the vehicle to be fully refunded. You want to buy a used car, but you do not know how to finance your project? At Vend Mon Auto we make your life easier by proposing several financing solutions and we assist you to find the most suitable formula for you.

Sell My car will be able to provide you with the opportunity to purchase credit for the purchase of your used car, as well as long-term rentals or rentals with the purchase option. Some of our customers will want to change their cars. For this case, the experts of Vend Mon Auto will be able to estimate their cars, to contribute according to the state of their vehicles and to resume it after tacit agreement. This sale will finance the purchase of the new car.

Our expertise

Our experts are real professionals highly qualified in automotive expertise. We will monitor your vehicle with professionalism while providing tips and tricks to preserve the condition and features of your used car and your safety. A relationship of trust and fair pricing is our course of action. Via the Vintage tab, you can find vintage cars or old cars. In addition, at Vend Mon Auto, you have revised cars offering all the necessary guarantees in terms of reliability, comfort and driving pleasure. Let yourself be charmed by the diversity of used cars or vintage cars in our garage. You are looking for a used car and do not find the vehicle that fits your wishes? We offer a wide choice of cars that will meet your needs.

Whatever your budget, you will find a used car matching your expectations in our garage. By the wealth of our stock, we present you different brands of cars, different models and different types of cars. Dozens of checkpoints are made on every used vehicle in our range before they go on sale: engine, brake, and cooling fluid, transmission, air pressure, airbags, steering, exhaust system, etc. We put our know-how at your disposal to offer you the car of the most irreproachable possible.

In the process of acquiring a used car, you will inevitably ask the question of financing your next acquisition. Know that at VEND MON AUTO, we are able to offer you different financing solutions perfectly suited to your profile. To finance your future used a car, we will put at your disposal the possibility of financing your acquisition by credit, long-term lease or lease with an option to buy. Whatever option you choose to adjust your used car, we will assist you in the realization of your project by taking into account each parameter of the latter (a type of used car desired, recovery, a profile of acquirer, etc. If you are looking for a used car, you may be looking to sell the one you currently own. Here too, we can give you valuable help because, at Vend Mon Auto, we can ensure the expertise of your used vehicle and its estimate.


The traditional season starts in May and ends at the end of September. Even if each new season brings its share of usual exhibitions, it is always possible to add activities that will please fans that are looking to diversify their participation. In fact, activity planning begins in the fall preceding the season. Beaming from the Montreal area, where many of its members are found, the VAQ supports several activities in the regions. That’s why the VAQ has regional presidents, whose mandate is to promote the club in their region. The variety of activities offered allows amateurs to plan their trips in Quebec and elsewhere.

Owning an old car is a leap of faith: some would say that you have to be crazy to hit the road with an old car, while modern cars are so reliable! However, there is nothing new on the horizon of vehicles: the secret lies in their maintenance, and our members know it very well. The VAQ also offers them a number of services to help them feel well surrounded and advised when it comes to using an old car. Who else could inform them without ulterior motive or mercantile interest?

The loyalty of Auto Ancient’s subscribers proves that the VAQ touches on a sensitive point: the loyalty of those who believe in an honest product and a group of friendly people displaying their sincere desire to share their enthusiasm. In other words, you can count on the quality of services that the VAQ offers you.


Gilbert Bureau founded the Quebec Old Car Club in Outremont in March 1974. At first, he did the review at his home and posted it himself at the post office. Its primary purpose was to produce a magazine and organize activities that corresponded to the tastes and expectations of French-speaking car enthusiasts in Quebec. At first, the name of the magazine was Le Pare and then, around 1980, the name became The Old Auto Magazine. In a few years, the number of members has increased from 10 to 1000, then from 1000 to 2000. Gilbert Bureau has been involved in the writing of the monthly magazine and in several activities of the VAQ for more than 35 years. The VAQ is the only club in Canada to produce a professional quality magazine since 1974.

No other Canadian club publishes a magazine of such high visual quality as that of the VAQ. Our magazine is also the ONLY French monthly magazine of vintage cars in America. We warmly thank the many volunteers who over the years have taken turns to maintain a healthy collaboration and excellent team spirit within the VAQ. These, even today, contribute greatly to the longevity of the club and its magazine.