Get to know the new Ford EcoSport, inside and out

A few decades ago, people were very quick and straightforward at decision making. It was not because of their astuteness, it was due to the meager choice available before them. As time elapsed humans tie-up with technology has shown remarkable results that left its creators (humans) itself baffled. Now there are plentiful choices available before people and that’s why it is recommended to research before buying any product. In the hunt to buy the best SUV, this article will help you out to assist in your research about the new Ford EcoSport and save your crucial time. This write-up has been written after doing holistic analyses of this new machine. It includes meticulous points also so that you make not hunt for yet another article or videos to get the complete picture. Without further taking your time, let’s move on directly to its features.

Here the discussion will revolve around the avant-garde model of a Ford.

Inside Features:-

  • You can utilize its voice commands to explore its amazing usage like to play music, listen to messages and to call your mates.
  • You can synchronize any applications with your interior setup with its new SYNC 3 touch screen system.
  • It has a built-in reverse camera that will cater your needs to navigate.
  • It all new steering wheels with more protection (more airbags) will ensure your safety.
  • The more space (with almost 20 storage compartment and with up to 1178 litres of paraphernalia capacity) gives you leeway to explore more.
  • Its pellucid upper glass will help you to meet the sun while you drive and lets the fresh air comes in to feel the freshness just with a click of a button.

           Outside Features:-

  • It serves you ever potent and highly efficient fuel engine that doesn’t harm your pocket much.
  • You can go for 1.0L EcoBoost engine or can experience the thrilling 1.5L Ti-VCT engine with 123 horsepower and 150Nm. The engine is six-speed automatic.
  • It will delight you with its ravishing and appealing exterior.
  • Alloy wheels of 17 inch give strength to its base.
  • It has a bigger headlight design and has 209mm of ground clearance that will give you the liberty to enjoy in all terrain.
  • Its effective splash guard will defend your new guest from detritus, stones etc.

Besides above-mentioned features, it has power folds mirrors, cruise controller, rain sensing wiper, and front full console. Well, that all feature will definitely amaze you and give you an incredible experience.

After having known the inside and outside feature, this article must have given you many points to help you out in your research. If all these points are in harmony with your needs then you should surely plan a get-together with this amazing machine. Go to the nearest showroom, have a test drive and see practically what you feel about this new Ford EcoSport.